Latest Projects

octagonal compensator

Octagonal Metal Expansion Joint - DN1100 for a Chemical Factory

Special project for designing and delivery DN1100 octogonal complete stainless steel expansion joint with quick flanges for a chemical facility in Easten Europe.

fabric expansion joint

Fabric Expansion Joints for the gas condenser station in Mallnow / Germany

Supply of complete kits of fabric expansion joints Type 11, Type 21 and Type 31, sizes DN1000 and DN1200, for a working temperature of 310 degC.

MFD expansion joint

Stainless Steel Expansion Joints for High Voltage Station 380kV in Antwerp / Belgium

Axial (MFA) and universal (MFD) stainless steel expansion joint designed for large thermal expansion and vibration canceling, sizes DN2000.

corrugated metal hose

Corrugated Metal Hose DN400, custom build for an industrial facility in Bavaria / Germany

Supply of two flanged DN400 type SE111 stainless steel corrugated hose assembly, 2m long for working conditions up to 5,6 bar / 180 degC.

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